Fuel tank decommissioning and removal services

We provide a full bespoke fuel tank decommissioning and removal service for redundant industrial and commercial fuel tanks. Ranging from domestic 1000 litre plastic tanks to a full 2 million litre tank farm, we have the ability to safely decommission and remove your fuel tanks.

1st Industrial and Commercial Services have more than 35 years of experience efficiently and safely removing all types of fuel and oil tanks from whatever the site, building or location. Key areas of environmental impact, waste reduction, any additional safety considerations and the required certification and accreditation play a major role in deciding what method should be applied to each tank decommissioning project. Each project is fully surveyed or assessed in advance so that you can be confident that any recommended services will be the most appropriate method.

Tank removal is bespoke and can use a selection of techniques. It could mean removing tanks in one piece by Hiab or crane or using different cutting methods to break tanks down by hot or cold cutting first before removal. Every situation is assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure the safest and most cost-effective solution is applied.

Here’s a video of us decommissioning and removing a fuel tank.

Previous fuel tank removal methods applied:

• Removal by lifting using Hiab or crane
• Removal through buildings using machine moving equipment
• Cut using hot cutting techniques, once gas-free certified
• Dismantled using specialised cold cutting equipment such as pneumatic nibblers or saws
• Unbolted and removed in sections

Larger tank decommissioning projects

As well as the smaller tanks we are extensively experienced in full tank farm decommissioning, 1st Industrial and Commercial Services can support organisations looking to shut down any size or scale of operation. With advance site assessment, we can recommend and supply the support and machinery needed, ensuring the project runs smoothly to completion.

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