Fuel polishing – France

A recent commission for a French generator company saw the 1st Industrial and Commercial team transport a big rig fuel polisher all the way from Kent to the French site.

Fuel polishing

Two weeks, France

A generator company was awarded the contract of the fuel tank upgrade works at a Data centre in France near the Alps They needed a company they could trust and rely on to polish the fuel in six stand by generator tanks while permanent fuel polishers were installed on the tanks. Fuel that isn’t used or left standing, can deteriorate and become unusable. In an emergency, this could mean the generators could fail. 1st Industrial and Commercial were selected for the job.

A team from 1st Industrial and Commercial spent two weeks in France for this project. The team started by draining all six tanks, cleaning the tanks then cleaning the fuel before it was put back in the tanks. While the tanks were empty the permanent fuel polishers were installed in the tanks by another company.

The fuel was cleaned by a big rig fuel polisher which cleaned 500 litres of fuel per minute. The 1st Industrial and Commercial team brought the big rig all the way from Kent to France for the job.

1st Industrial and Commercial will be completing a similar job at a second site in France for the same organisation later this year.

Key aspects of the process

  • 6 back up generators to have fuel polish
  • Tank draining and cleaning
  • Existing fuel polished
  • Co-ordinating to support permanent fuel polishers being added to tanks

Particular kit used

  • Back up fuel polishers
  • Portable mini vacuum pump for Tank cleaning
  • Full confined space equipment
  • Aluminium towers with Youngman’s and handrails

1st Industrial and Commercial completed this job without a hitch. It was a big job which involved working with another organisation on site. The 1st Industrial and Commercial team managed all this and got the job completed on time. It is great to work with a company which we can trust to get the job done.

Jeff, Site manager

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