Fuel polishing for diesel and all contaminated fuels.

Save money and improve machinery efficiency with fuel polishing

Fuel polishing offers a non-disruptive process aimed at keeping generators and engines running. Potentially saving you money and avoiding the disruption needed for any emergency fuel replacement. Also, worth mentioning is the reduced environmental impact of fuel cleaning. Fuel reconditioning saves the need for replacement and disposal.

Does your fuel measure up?

When fuel is stored or has been standing in industrial tanks for long periods, the greater the chance of contaminants building up. Any build-up of these excess particulates in the fuel supply (water, bacteria, sludge or even varnish from the inside of the tank) can result in inconvenient and costly downtime through equipment failure.

The fuels we clean include:

• Diesel
• Red diesel
• Kerosene
• Biofuels

The benefits of fuel polishing:

• Low cost
• Non-disruptive, efficient process
• Helps to maintain the operational life of the equipment
• Helps to reduce environmental impact and waste

The fuel polishing process

Fuel samples will be taken both before and after the fuel polishing process to ensure that your fuel or diesel is in optimum condition, with work carried out using the latest fuel conditioning equipment. The conditioning units help measure particle levels and combine advanced fuel filtration and depolymerisation to break down any water, sediment or microbial contaminants. What’s more, fuel can usually still be in use whilst the fuel polishing process is underway depending on the levels found.

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