Free fuel tank survey and fuel test in London and the South East

Fuel problems? Is your fuel tank looking tired? You need a fuel tank survey to rectify any issues.

Take advantage of our free fuel tank survey and fuel testing to avoid issues in the future.

Many fuel tanks are hidden away in tank rooms or surrounded by fences or walls. Usually, this is ideal as who wants to see them, but do you know if your tank is rusty, leaking and if it did leak would the oil run straight into the nearest drain or watercourse? Not just bad for the environment but also the likelihood of fines or prosecution.

With biodegradable content in fuels rising, fuel is increasingly prone to accelerate microbial contamination and repolymerisation. Failure to keep fuel clean can cause tank corrosion, tank failure, boiler injector and fuel pump failure and ultimately, lead to heating, hot water or power cuts.

With a simple fuel sampling and inspection plan, these can all be avoided.

What can we do?

Our engineers can carry out fuel sampling, visual inspections including minor works to ensure your tank meets current regulations. We can carry out internal NDT (Non-destructive testing) using the latest ultrasonic thickness meters, remove and replace contaminated fuel and can even offer full tank removal and replacement in the eventuality it is required.

Fuel testing kit
As fuel tank configurations are usually different, we offer a FREE survey that includes a report of your next steps (if any) to ensuring peace of mind so that you can continue to operate any heating or power generation.

The survey and testing include:

  • Tank and Bund inspections including establishing tank and bund capacity
  • Checking onsite access for deliveries & maintenance work
  • Fuel and lubricant sampling, analysis & testing of current volume using our mobile fuel analysis equipment (1 free sample per visit)

How can you get the free service?

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