Oil spill and hazardous materials response

1st Industrial and Commercial Services can respond to any type of spill. Whether over or underground, from a minor oil spill to a full tank overfill. Response teams are qualified and experienced to deal with all types of incidents. 1st Industrial and Commercial Services can deal with spills of any pollutant including, oil, petroleum, diesel and kerosene, along with a wide variety of hazardous materials and chemical spills. The nationwide response team can mobilise in just a few hours to respond to your emergency 24/7–365.

With more than 35 years of experience, 1st Industrial and Commercial Services can provide the level of response needed during these critical situations. Whatever is needed, technical staff or specialised equipment, a series of tailored solutions can be provided. Minimising the risk to the public, employees and at the same time reducing any environmental contamination and disruption to site operations.

Any company which has spill is liable for all clean up expenses, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Also, The Environment Agency can impose fines that can reach hundreds of millions of pounds – depending on the level of harm, culpability, negligence and recklessness of those responsible along with the size of the company – company directors can also face a custodial sentence. It is worth noting that in 2017/18, The Environment Agency prosecuted 22 company directors. Fortunately, you can rely on 1st Industrial and Commercial Services to help you keep clean up expenses to a minimum through our experience, skills and efficiency. In addition to ensuring any spill is cleared in a way that meets regulatory compliance, we go beyond this to reduce environmental pollution and can provide evidence to help build your case to reduce any penalty or prosecution by The Environment Agency.

1st Industrial and Commercial Services:

• Diesel
• 24/7 – 365 days call out
• Fully trained and experienced response teams
• No retainer required
• Thorough hazardous waste neutralisation, removal and disposal
• Process certification

Types of spills and waste covered:

• Heavy Fuel Oil
• Diesel and petrol
• Kerosene
• Creosote
• Hydraulic oil
• Cooking and food oils
• Food and drink materials

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