Site decommission and clean up – Birmingham

Efficiency and planning when decommissioning two 60,000-litre tanks ensure minimal disruption for local residents at a site in Birmingham.

Tank decommissioning and make-safe

One day, Birmingham.

1st Industrial and Commercial Services were tasked to decommission and make-safe two 60,000-litre tanks and attached pump chamber.

After uplifting all the waste fuel, the tanks were completely washed out and then filled with Hardfoam which is an effective way of making oil and fuel tanks safe when they are to be left in position. For the Hardfoam injection, 1st Industrial partnered with a specialist foam injection company to ensure the whole operation was completed within a day so as to minimise disruption for local residents.

On completion of the tank filling, the surrounding brick chambers were demolished, all waste removed and the site covered with earth to ensure the site and surrounding area posed no risk.

Key aspects of the process

  • Advance planning to minimise local disruption
  • Tank cleaning and decommissioning
  • Multi organisation co-ordination to ensure completion
  • Site make safe

Particular kit used

  • Fuel tanker
  • Tank cleaning equipment
  • Specialist foam injection equipment
  • Cutting equipment and tools

Memberships and accreditation

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