Energy centre and tank farm decommissioning and removal

Chemical disposal and plant removal whilst working in an environmentally sensitive area were key considerations for the 1st Industrial and Commercial team on this project.

Energy centre and tank farm decommissioning and removal

Two year phased project, Essex

A project in a beautiful setting which could be mistaken for the countryside but which is in fact in an urban location, was the backdrop to one of the most precise jobs 1st Industrial and Commercial has ever completed. The project involved working on a site which provides drinking water. For this reason, not a single drop of a fuel or any other chemical could be spilt as the land the project took place on is protected due to the water wells below. This required the team to utilise strong communications skills, take extra care and, of course, follow the stringent health and safety requirements that they always do. The team removed generators, fuel tanks and pumps in a phased project which took two years to complete.

Key aspects of the process

  • Careful chemical disposal
  • Working on protected land (drinking water wells)
  • Removal of generators, fuel tanks and pumps
  • Consistent client liaison

Particular kit used

  • Vacuum tankers
  • Tank cleaning equipment
  • Forklift trucks
  • 20 ton overhead gantry crane
  • 100 ton cranes
  • A frames Boom lifts

1st Industrial and Commercial completed this project without a hitch. Our land is not only precious for its beauty but also for the drinking water we get from the wells underneath it. This means we could not afford to have any corrosive materials spilt. 1st Industrial and Commercial understood the importance of this and had plans in place to mitigate any disasters – should they occur. Fortunately, the professionalism, skills and experience of the team meant that the project was completed perfectly. We would not hesitate to recommend 1st Industrial and Commercial.

Jon Moss, Project Manager

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