Contract Crane lift – Hastings

Careful planning helped to minimise staff disruption and ensure a smooth-running contract lift at the Conquest Hospital, Hastings

Contract Crane lift

Single day lift (featured). Additional work on site ran for nine months. Hastings, East Sussex.

As part of a wider programme of works at the Conquest Hospital, Hastings, 1st Industrial and Commercial Services planned and executed a tricky industrial tank contract crane lift.

Although the lift itself was planned to take place during the day, all work needed to be carefully scheduled to avoid rush hours. Minimising disruption for all on-site hospital staff. Naturally, lifting an object of this size and weight requires careful planning. All aspects such as the tank move, traffic control and pedestrian management were considered in advance by the team.

Once lifted from the flatbed transport, the tank was then ‘top and tailed’ into position – the process of rotating the tank from horizontal to vertical – using the two cranes that had been deployed on-site.

Key aspects of the process

  • Works to avoid rush hours to minimise disruption
  • Public safety – Particularly around tank size and weight
  • Planning of all aspects of the lift, traffic and pedestrian management

Particular kit used

  • 100 tonne mobile crane
  • 40 tonne mobile crane

A short video showing the new industrial tank being ‘top and tailed’ into position by the 1st Industrial and Commercial Services team at the Conquest Hospital, Hastings.

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