Fuel polishing

Make your fuel last longer and work better.

Tank cleaning, decommissioning and installation

Bespoke services for all your tank needs including cleaning, painting, decommission, removal and installation.

Crane lift

From 10-tonne city cranes to 1,000 tonne mobile and crawler cranes we deal with every aspect of a contract lift.

Plant handling and movement

Turn-key solutions for all projects including unusual, heavy and fragile plant.

Oil spill and hazardous materials response

Our nationwide response team is available every day of the year.

Below is an overview of the types of work that 1st Industrial and Commercial Services undertakes. You can also find examples of previous work that we have carried out by visiting our projects section. If you require any further details about these or about the support that 1st Industrial can supply please contact us.

Services Provided

Plant Handling and Movement

Plant and Machinery Strip Out

Tank Decommissioning

and Removal

Tank Installation

Tank Painting

Tank Cleaning

Contract Lift

Fuel Polishing

Oil spill and hazardous materials response

Pic of the 1st Industrial team working on a plant movement job in London

Plant Handling and Movement

We have more than 30 years’ experience in plant installation, of both heavy and fragile items.

We offer turn-key solutions, which includes project management of any plant installation, from a single commercial boiler to the entire contents of a manufacturing facility. We do site surveys, risk assessment and job-specific method statements to ensure that plant handling and movement is executed in the safest possible manner. In addition, all our operatives are trained to the required standards; they are CSCS card holders and are proficient in a selection of other areas including PASMA, IPAF, CPCS.

We can also offload and store all your new plant at our fully insured depot and when required deliver to site using our own transport, with either self-loading Hiab’s, fork trucks or by crane, then move and install through a variety methods, including mechanical or pneumatic skates, stair climbing equipment, machine skoots and bespoke made lifting frames, depending on project requirements.

Plant and Machinery Strip Out

We specialise in the strip out and disposal of mechanical services in both empty and occupied buildings including: offices, industrial units, schools, colleges, hospitals and other public buildings.

We have the knowledge and experience to safely overcome any obstacles involved in the removal of redundant machinery and plant, including:

  • Manufacturing plant
  • Heating systems
  • Calorifiers and plate heaters
  • Ahu’s, chillers
  • Cooling towers
  • Generators , LV,HV panels and
  • Transformers
  • Water and oil tanks
  • Commercial boiler dismantling and flue removal.
Pic of the 1st Industrial team working on a tank decommissioning job at a London Hospital

Tank Decommissioning and Removal

We provide decommissioning, removal and disposal of redundant tanks.

Each tank removal we undertake is bespoke, using a selection of techniques from removing tanks in one piece or using different cutting methods. Every situation is assessed on a case-by-case basis to make sure the safest and most cost-effective method is applied.

Some previous tank removal methods applied:

  • Removal by lifting using Hiab or crane
  • Removal through buildings using machine moving equipment
  • Cut using hot cutting techniques, once gas free certified
  • Dismantled using specialized cold cutting equipment such as pneumatic nibblers, or saws
  • Unbolted and removed in sections.

Tank Installation

We offer a full bespoke onsite tank building service with capability for any size, location or specification from 1,000 to 200,000 litre capacities.

The process from planning to filling can be carried out by our experienced and knowledgeable team.

We offer a full range of tank testing, inspections and reports to eliminate any risk to the integrity of the tank or damage to the building and surrounding environment.

Pic of the 1st Industrial team during a tank installation for The Data Centre
Pic showing a 1st Industrial big rig fuel polishing system

Fuel Polishing

Fuel that isn’t used or left standing, can deteriorate and become unusable. In an emergency, this could mean generators could fail. Sampling and analysing your fuel is the only way to assess whether it is contaminated or deteriorated. Our highly qualified teams have the knowledge, skills and specialist equipment to sample the fuel in your storage tanks according to the procedures laid down by BS EN ISO 3170:2004/BS 2000-475:2004. Drawing samples from most fuel storage tanks involves accessing areas several meters above the ground. Our experienced teams are fully trained and equipped to work at these heights on your site. While taking the samples, our operatives will also note the condition of your tanks and bunds. The findings will be added to our analysis report to provide a fully comprehensive reading of your fuel and tank status. If the analysis report shows that the fuel needs to be polished, and/or the tank require any maintenance 1st Industrial and Commercial is able to carry out all work.

Oil spill and hazardous materials response

We respond to any type of spill on overground, underground, marine, fresh and ground water, from a minor oil spill to a major industrial disaster. We can deal with spills of any pollutant including aviation fuel, oil, petroleum, diesel and kerosene, along with a wide variety of hazardous materials and chemical spills. Nationwide response team can mobilise in just a few hours to respond to your emergency 24/7-365.

Any company which has spill is liable for all clean up expenses, under Environmental Protection Act 1990. In addition, The Environment Agency can impose of fines which can reach hundreds of millions of pounds – depending on the level of harm, culpability, negligence and recklessness of those responsible along with the size of company – company directors can also face a custodial sentence. It is worth noting that in 2017/18, The Environment Agency prosecuted 22 company directors. Fortunately you can rely on 1st Industrial and Commercial to help you keep clean up expenses to a minimum through our experience, skills and efficiency. In addition to ensuring any spill is cleared in a way which meets regulatory compliance, we go beyond this to reduce environmental pollution and can provide evidence to help build your case to reduce any penalty or prosecution by The Environment Agency.

Pic showing a 1st Industrial crew in attendance at a Central London site
Pic of a painted tank by 1st Industrial

Tank Painting

To increase the life and integrity of tanks, pipework and any other steel materials, we can clean, prepare and coat these with a tailor-made specialised paint product to suit your needs.

At the beginning of each project, we evaluate the specification provided and can make site visits to assess corrosion damage etc. We then present solutions. Once the most effective and cost-efficient solution has been agreed, we carry out the works with the process monitored throughout. The process is much less invasive then replacing plant and can mainly be carried out with no downtime of plant.

We have saved our customers much valued time and great expense with this application, extending the life of some tanks and plant for many years.

Tank Cleaning

Tank cleaning can extend the life of the tank and prevent contaminated fuel transferring into generators. We offer a fuel tank cleaning and de-gassing service for all types of fuel storage, underground and above ground tanks, including tank bunds.

We have highly skilled experienced engineers to carry out tank cleaning, either externally, using specialized equipment or internally using confined space regulations and training.

Every tank potentially carries a high risk.  We undertake full site surveys with site specific method statements and risk assessments, adhere to current safe working procedures with all operatives fully trained.

As part of our tank cleaning we offer:

  • Fuel polishing
  • Pressure testing, analysis and advice
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Gas free certification
  • Fuels uplifted, stored and transferred
  • Tank repair/ alterations.
Pic showing a member of the 1st Industrial team on a tank clean at Conquest Hospital
Pic of the 1st Industrial team performing a contract lift to a roof location

Contract Lift

We offer a full contract lifting service with the experience and expertise to lift, move and unload heavy machinery with the utmost care and professionalism. Our operatives have all undergone training and have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to perform lifting services. This includes the planning, management and execution of the lift.

From 10-tonne city cranes to 1,000 tonne mobile and crawler cranes, 1st Industrial and Commercial will provide every aspect of a contract lift. Preparation of full risk assessments, method statements and lifting plans. Application for road closure, preparation of traffic management plans, using the most appropriate type and size of crane. Supply of any abnormal load transportation along with all necessary escorts. We also provide weather forecasts to enable successful lift.

The whole operation will be managed and supported by an experienced team of CSCS Appointed Persons. The lift will be carried out by a skilled team of operatives under the strict guidance of the Lift Supervisor and their team of Slinger/Signallers.

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